In the stachys sieboldii, the great amounts of the choline and phenylethanoid ingredients, which invigorate the brain functions, are contained. As such, it provides the help to the prevention of dementia and the improvement of memory. With the addition of the anchovy calcium, it is effective in preventing the various kinds of diseases that take place due to the insufficiency of calcium like osteoporosis. Unlike the ordinary anti-dementia drugs, it has no side-effects at all.

Crosne calcium

Keeping of
calcium function

Crosne calcium
01The improvement of memory

In the stachys sieboldii, the great amounts of the choline and phenylethanoid, which are known to have the effect of invigorating the brain functions, are contained. As such, there is the efficacy in improving the memory when a person has senile dementia.

02The improvement of the blood vessel diseases

The stachydrine, the alginic acid, etc, which are abundantly contained, have the biochemical actions. They prevent the accumulation of cholesterol within the body. And they prove to be of help to the improvement of the blood vessel diseases like artery hardening. And, due to the effect of invigorating the brain functions, there is the efficacy of preventing the brain blood vessel diseases like stroke.

03The improvement of the liver hardening

The disease in which the liver gets gradually hardened and in which the function of the liver gets lowered due to the continuous damages to the liver cells for a long time is called the "liver hardening". And the abundant stachydrine and alginic acid prevent the accumulation of the fat in the liver, suppress the formation of a fatty liver, and help the blood circulation, thereby having the efficacy in improving liver hardening.

Crosne calcium
04The improvement of the skin disease

There are the pain-killing, detoxification, and diuretic actions. Not only does it have the calming action regarding the central nervous system, but also, it helps with regard to the atopy, which is achronic, inflammatory skin disease which has the itchiness as the main symptom. Therefore, it has the efficacy of being helpful to the improvement of the skin diseases.

05The improvement of women’s diseases

There are a lot of women who complain of the symptom of the irregular menstruation because of many reasons, including the irregular life pattern, the excessive stress, etc. If the stachys sieboldii is ingested, there is the efficacy of normalizing the irregular menstruation periods and of improving the various kinds of women's illnesses, including the irregular menstruation and others of the like. But, as there is the tendency of contracting the wombs of the women, it is said that it is good for the pregnant women to avoid ingesting it.

06The improvement of constipation

There are many cases in which the busy moderners complain of the constipation symptom due to the diverse reasons, including the wrong eating habits, the excessive stress, etc. The oligosaccharide ingredient which is abundantly contained invigorates the intestinal functions by proliferating the beneficial germs. Therefore, there is the efficacy of helping with the improvement and prevention of constipation.

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Crosne calcium


Crosne calcium

Skin Disease

Crosne calcium


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