dongui bio-calcium

Health functional food that helps reduce osteoporosis and has functions of calcium, which blends medicinal herbs that strengthens the muscles and bones, inhibit the pain and has effects of anti-inflammation and tonic effect, inflammation mitigation for bruises, etc, prevention of weakened bones and fracture, and anchovies calcium.

Health functional food for a calcium supplement that helps to prevent deficiency of calcium, supplying calcium that would be a lack of supply in the body.

Calcium powder extracted from anchovies is the main ingredient and help to maintain the health of people who lack of calcium, children and adolescents by taking two capsules a day.

dongui bio-calcium


item Product name Dongui Bio-Calcium
Packing size 600mg×120 capsules / 1 bottle (2 Month) ×3bottles (6-month supply)
Ingredients Anchovy calcium (20% or more calcium content, domestic product) 36%
Intake Take two capsule once a day with water
Storage Avoid direct sunlight and place at cool place
Valid period 2 years from date of manufacture
Manufacturer by Korea CNS Pharm
Place of origin Republic of Korea
dongui bio-calcium

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