What is
polyphenol ?

As polyphenol has the function of eliminating the active oxygen within the body, it can be said that it is an ingredient which possesses the antioxidation action. Although the appropriate amount of active oxygen eliminates the germs and the viruses that intrude from the outside, it has the harms on the human body because they are increased due to stress, smoking, etc. So, if one ingests the polyphenol ingredient that has the antioxidation action, the various kinds of diseases can be prevented and the ageing can be prevented.


The seven main functions of


Pigments ingredients that represents blue purple or celadon green contained in blueberries, etc. It is slightly different depending on the type, but it has the effect of improving of ocular function, sense of sight, fatigue and support protein that sends visual information to the brain.
- Effect of Polyphenols: Antioxidative activities, Improvement of eye sight, Prevention of blood vessel disease, Anti-inflammation / Bacteriocidal action, Improvement of liver function, Anti-inflammatory.


It is polyphenols that is usually a lot in grapes. It is effective in preventing or delaying the aging process and in treating skin care, etc with helping cells to regenerate.
- Effect of Polyphenols : Antioxidative activities, Prevention of inflammatory disease, Anticancer effect .


This is a kind of the polyphenol that is contained a lot in the fresh beans, the bean-processed foods, etc. Isoflavone, which is organized with the substances like the women's hormones, proves to be helpful to the menopause of women and has an action that is similar to estrogen so that the worries that mainly appear among women, including those regarding the perspirations that are caused by the confusion of the hormone balance, the face flushes, etc., can be improved.
- Effect of Polyphenols : Antioxidative activities, Prevention of menopausal disorder, Improvement of premenstrual syndrome, Osteoporosis, Bone fractures in elderly.


As an ingredient which is included a lot in the peels of the citrus fruits, it has the actions of strengthening the blood vessels and improving the blood circulation in the peripheral blood vessels. In case it is ingested together with vitamin C, the effects can be heightened even more.
- Effect of Polyphenols : Antioxidative activities, Improvement of blood flow, Improvement of feeling of cold symptoms,Effect of reducing in total blood cholesterol (neutral fat)


As a yellow-colored pigment ingredient which is contained a lot in the tumerics (curcuma and tumerics), it is the most included in the tumerics of autumn. It heightens the liver functions, promotes the decomposition of alcohol, and invigorates the biliary secretion.
- Effect of Polyphenols: Antioxidative activities, Improvement of liver function by activating the secretion of bile, Prevention and improvement of hangovers.


As an ingredient which is included a lot in the green tea and black tea, etc, and it tastes astringent. It has the effect on the anti-bacterial treatment, sterilization, inhibition of fat absorption, anti-inflammation against an allergic reaction.
- Effect of Polyphenols : Reducing fat, Antioxidative activities, Anti-aging effect, Anticancer effect, diets worked.


A type of polyphenols contained in a tree trunk and leaves, it also contained in green tea and black tea. it also has a cosmetic effect to make sebaceous glands and skin pores invisible.
- Effect of Polyphenols : Antioxidative activities, Dissolving of neutral fat, Anticancer effect against cancer cell occurred in burnt food.

crosne feature




Improve blood circulation


Immune strengthening


Improve vision


Cancer prevention

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