Pomegranate candy

Pomegranate candy

A product of which the main ingredients are the pomegranate, which contains the estrogen that is good for the creation of the women's hormones, and vitamin C.

Because there are the effects, including the alleviation of the symptoms during a woman's menopause, the prevention of the ageing of the skin, the fatigue recovery, etc., the pomegranate, which is very popular among women, has been contained in a great amount. And it is a pomegranate candy product which is chewed with the sweet-and-sour taste

Pomegranate candy


item Product name Pomegranate Vita C Candy (Barrel / Pack)
Packing size 70g / 30g
Ingredients Glucose 70%, Pomegranate concentrate 4%, Pomegranate Extract Powder 3%
Intake Ingestion from time to time
Storage Avoid direct sunlight and place at cool place
Valid period 2 years from date of manufacture
Place of origin Republic of Korea
Pomegranate candy

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